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Andrew Demetriou

Andrew Demetriou

Andrew Demetriou serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Football League. Prior to this, Mr. Demetriou served as a General Manager - Football Operations. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of the AFL Players Association.   As Chief Executive Officer of the AFL Players Association, he was an instrumental in establishing programs to look after players during their careers and after their retirement. He was responsible for the implementation of the AFL Players' Association Retirement Fund, the Player Welfare Fund, the Education and Training Fund and many other programs and presided over $25 million of player funds. He has been the Non-executive Chairman of Baxter Group Ltd. since June 15, 2002. and has been its Director since February 19, 2002. He serves as a Director of Ruthinium Group.

(Source: Business Week)


The International Cup has become a very prominent feature on our calendar, and far more significant that even we could have imagined at this point in time.

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Eddie McGuire

"Well the greatest thing about AFL football is it is unique. It is an indigenous brand to Australia. In so many ways it actually captures the egalitarian nature that we hold true to our hearts, and that is anyone of any size can play."