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John Longmire

John Longmire

Longmire was originally tied to Sydney, but in the end actually joined North Melbourne. Excellent overhead, he was also a prodigious kick, qualities which came to the fore during 1990, arguably his best AFL season, when, with 98 goals, he topped the league list. Aged only twenty at the time, he was the youngest player in V/AFL history to kick so many goals. The farcical nature of the rules determining state of origin eligibility was vividly highlighted during that same 1990 season when Longmire played for both Victoria against Tasmania, and for his home state of New South Wales against Victoria. After serving a long apprenticeship under Rodney Eade and Paul Roos, Longmire assumed the senior coaching role at Sydney in 2011, leading the Swans to the semi-final stage in his first season.

(source: Austalian Football fan site)


AFL football is an integral part of so many different people's lives. It brings people together, of all races, all religions and really means so many different things to so many different people in communities throughout the country and throughout the world. It's very tribal.

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