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Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy began his career at Prahran Football Club in the Victorian Football Association in 1964. After playing in a premiership with that club, he transferred to VFL club Richmond in 1967, playing 251 games before retiring in 1979. Kevin played in three winning grand final sides for the Tigers -  1969, 1973 and 1974.
He was the Skills Coach at Richmond when the club won the 1980 Premiership, then in 1981 he was appointed Senior Coach at the Essendon Football Club. He coached the team for a record 635 games during 27 years of continuous coaching.

Source: ICMI


It would be great one day to pick an international team to come out here and maybe play against the amateur team. Now that would be pretty exciting.

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Eddie McGuire

"Well the greatest thing about AFL football is it is unique. It is an indigenous brand to Australia. In so many ways it actually captures the egalitarian nature that we hold true to our hearts, and that is anyone of any size can play."