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Mike Sheahan

Mike Sheahan

Michael "Mike" Sheahan (born 1947) is an Australian journalist who specialises in AFL. He was chief football writer and associate sports editor for the Herald Sun for eighteen years, but recently stepped down at the end of 2011; however, he will still write special columns for the newspaper, including his famous yearly "Top 50". He is also a panelist on the Fox Footy program On the Couch and former media director for the VFL (now AFL). He also joins Brian Taylor, Matthew Richardson, Matthew Lloyd and Leigh Matthews in the 3AW football pre-match discussion on 3AW on Saturday afternoons. In addition he conducts a weekly interview program on Fox Footy, Open Mike.

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well this game defies the laws of physics as I understand it because just we have players that are so good at controlling the oval shaped football which can go in any of the million directions at any time.

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Adam Goodes

"I think the biggest thing at the moment, the AFL and the players association along with the football clubs are doing at the moment is really creating environments that are very welcoming to Aboriginal players. And we're seeing a lot of indigenous players that are getting drafted from anywhere in Australia which is fantastic and that's the way it should be."