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Canada Northwind

Contact: AFL Ontario Executive
Phone: (416) 304-0032
Address: The Exchange Tower 130 King Street West Suite 3680, Box 99 Toronto, Ontario M5X 1B1 Canada
The Canadians returned to IC11 looking for a chance to crack the top four. Coming off the back of a seventh finish in 2005 and a sixth finish in 2008, they were confident they could achieve their goal. Northwind displayed some terrific footy in their courageous efforts, but thanks to tough competition from Tonga and New Zealand, Canada placed at number 10.

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Tony Woods

"I think people would be generally surprised that at the conclusion of 2011 there was over 100 thousand people playing footy outside of Australia. But, 2016, we are aiming for about 200 thousand which will put international, the region of international, the third half participation segment behind Victoria and new South Wales"