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Middle East Peace Team

Contact: Tanya Oziel
Phone: 0411 545 654
The largest organised league playing Australian football in the Middle East straddles several countries and features six clubs, three in Dubai (UAE) and one each from Abu Dhabi (UAE), Muscat (Oman) and Doha (Qatar). Australian football is also played at various levels in Bahrain, Israel and Palestine. In 2008, a Middle East team made sporting history when two opposing nations united to compete in the International Cup: a combined team of 13 Israelis and 13 Palestinians. Organised by the Israeli Peres Centre for Peace and their Palestinian counterpart, the Al-Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue, the Peace Team came together to demonstrate that these two nationalities could join together in mutual trust and respect and compete for a common outcome.
Subsequently, the Peace Team has become the most high profile Middle East peace activity in Australia with strong resonance for Australian multicultural activity and diversity initiative. 

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Mike Pyke

"I think for this game to grow internationally it's really important that we, we take the games live. Maybe we can look at a round one fixture of blitz and some of the major cities around the world, Tokyo, Vancouver and LA."