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We are excited to be launching AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD! After reading a small article in the Sydney Morning Herald about Swan’s superstar Brett Kirk becoming the AFL International Ambassador, we thought his journey would make a great film for both footy fans and travelers. I grew up in Tasmania and have been a dedicated Tigers fan since I was 10. My mum has been a St Kilda supporter for 58 years and now my son is a passionate Swans’ supporter. Stay tuned on Facebook/Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about the film!

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774 ABC Melbourne Interviews Michael McIntyre

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aussie Rules The World

July 23, 2014 , 9:06 AM by ROSS KAVANAGH

Aussie Rules The World is a film that follows the AFL's international ambassador and former Sydney Swans captian Brett Kirk around the world as he tracks the progress of footy through 20 countries. Director Michael McIntyre had the job of documenting the journey.

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    "The International Cup gives guys overseas a chance to represent their country, come to Australia, see the game and play the game. I think is fantastic."