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We are excited to be launching AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD! After reading a small article in the Sydney Morning Herald about Swan’s superstar Brett Kirk becoming the AFL International Ambassador, we thought his journey would make a great film for both footy fans and travelers. I grew up in Tasmania and have been a dedicated Tigers fan since I was 10. My mum has been a St Kilda supporter for 58 years and now my son is a passionate Swans’ supporter. Stay tuned on Facebook/Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about the film!

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In My Community looks at Aussie Rules The World

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aussie rules the world


The Kirk family, now of East Fremantle, at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.The Kirk family, now of East Fremantle, at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.

AUSSIE Rules premiership player Brett Kirk, his author wife Hayley and their four children were mistaken if they thought life would slow down after the midfielder retired from the Sydney Swans at the end of 2010.

In 2011, the former Swan captain and now Fremantle Dockers assistant coach was offered the role of AFL International Ambassador and all six Kirk family members set off on a six-month footy pilgrimage, travelling through 23 countries spreading the word of AFL.

“Brett always talked about us going on an adventure in a caravan travelling around Australia and I always said I wasn’t up for that because Sadie (their then youngest) was only two,” Hayley said.

“Then he met with the AFL and came home and asked, ‘Well you said no to Australia but how would you feel about travelling around the world?’

“People thought we were crazy to travel with four children but they were so transient and much better at dealing with the change than I think I was initially.”

Director Michael Stringer McIntyre heard through a mutual friend what the Kirks were about to embark on and travelled along for the ride.

The result is documentary Aussie Rules the World, narrated by David Wenham, which premieres at Cinema Paradiso, Northbridge on Monday, July 28.

Audiences will see everything from Brett teaching AFL to orphans in Sri Lanka, to Hayley pulling on footy boots for the first time to play with the national Canadian women’s team.

“The exciting part that comes across in the documentary is how most of the competitions across the world have grown organically from either an expat moving there or someone being introduced to the game by an Australian friend,” Hayley said.

“We say all the time if we got offered it tomorrow that we would pack up and go again.

“The only thing I feel sad about now is that Skout (their fifth child) wasn’t born until after the trip. We’ll need to go back to India with him.”